Coastal Flood Risk Study

Coastal Flood Risk Study for Southeast Florida

In 2014, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) issued updated digital Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMs) and associated Flood Insurance Study reports for Broward County. However, the FEMA studies included analyses for rivers, streams, and creeks and did not include a coastal analyses.

In May 2014, FEMA began a multi-year coastal analysis and mapping effort. Through the analysis and mapping effort, FEMA will better identify, assess, and communicate hazards and risks associated with coastal flooding in the Southeastern United States.

FEMA’s coastal flood study in South Florida includes:

  • Review of historical coastal flood events and dates to validate flood, wave and erosion analyses
  • Determination of the flood level with a 1 percent chance of being equaled or exceeded in any given year including the effects of tides, storm surges and waves
  • Designation of the Limit of Moderate Wave Action​, also known as Coastal A Zones.
One of the outcomes of the Coastal Flood Risk Study that may affect future construction requirements will be the designation of a new Coastal A Flood Zone. FEMA adopted a policy to identify these coastal areas that may be subject to moderate wave heights between 1.5 feet and 3 feet by delineating the limit of moderation wave action (LiMWA). 

The Florida Building Code defines these moderate wave height areas as Coastal A Zones. In accordance with the Florida Building Code new buildings, certain building additions and certain modifications to existing buildings within Coastal A Zones may be subject to new construction requirements.

For further information visit FEMA's Coastal Study or contact your community’s Floodplain Manager.

Learn m​​ore about the Coastal Flood Risk Analysis and Mapping Process. 

​Coastal Study Timeline

FEMA’s multi-year coastal study and mapping process started in South Florida in May 2014. Broward County’s coastal will have been a part of the extensive study that has focused on flooding conditions due to storm surge, and wave action from coastal storms.

Below is the timeline for the mapping project.​

Broward County Coastal Study: Post Preliminary Processing
​Completion Date
Preliminary Phase
​Preliminary and Revised Preliminary Maps Issued
​December 31, 2019, and February 25, 2021
Consultation Coordination Officer (CCO) Meetings/Public Open Houses
​February 3,5, and 6 2020, and April 27, 2021​
90-Day Appeal and Comment Period
​Appeal and Comment Period
November 24, 2021 through February 22, 2022
Resolve Appeals and Finalize Map Products
​Letter of Final Determination
6-Month Compliance Period
​Effective Maps