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Community Engagement
Scoop the Poop

​How you can Help

There are many things we can do to prevent water pollution and enhance our water quality.
  • Be part of the solution by helping us understand where our outreach efforts need to be concentrated in the County. Fill out and share our Pet Waste Survey with neighbors, colleagues, friends, and family members. 
  • Educate and inspire others in your community to pick up after their pets. 
  • Pledge to Scoop the Poop. 
  • Attend our events throughout the year.

Emblem/Slogan Contest

Participate in our Pet Waste Emblem/Slogan Contest! 

Broward County residents are invited to participate in the Pet Waste Emblem/Slogan Contest by creating a poster that shows the importance of why pet owners should clean up after their pets. This contest is free and open to all Broward County residents. 

Contest Rules: 
  • The logo shall be one scene and the slogan shall be no more than 9 words. 
  • Entries shall be received by the Broward County Environmental Engineering and Permitting Division, NPDES & Non-Domestic no later than December 8, 2019. The mailing address is 1 North University Drive, Mailbox 201, Plantation, Florida 33324. High quality PDF will also be acceptable and must be emailed to 
  • Entries must be mailed flat and must not be folded, matted or mounted. 
  • Poster size shall be no larger than 8.5 x 11 inches. Logo size shall not be smaller than 3 x 3 inches. 
  • Only original work will be considered. 
  • On a separate sheet of paper, provide the following information and attach it to the poster: Name, Email address and Paragraph explaining your logo/slogan (no more than 75 words). 
  • Parent Release form is required and must be submitted along with artwork for residents under the age of 18. Email to receive the form. 
  • Effectiveness and relevance to the theme (70%): Does the emblem/slogan effectively illustrate the intent of the contest and does it express the environmental message? 
  • Creativity and neatness (30%): Does the submitter use creative forms of expression and is the poster neat and easily understood? 
The winning entry will be featured on our outreach webpage. Up to three (3) honorable mentions will also be selected. Posters submitted for the contest may be used for educational purposes and will become the property of Broward County.