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Tree Preservation

Cypress Trees Natural Area

The Tree Preservation Program enforces Chapter 27 Article XIV of the Broward County Pollution Control Code, titled “Tree Preservation And Abuse Ordinance”. This article has Countywide authority, although it is not enforced in municipalities that have as stringent regulations.

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Currently the Tree Preservation Program covers the following Areas of Responsibility and Specific Municipalities: Unincorporated Broward County, Broward County controlled properties and facilities, Broward County Environmentally Designated Lands* (LAPC, ERL, NRA NFC), The School Board of Broward County, FL. controlled sites and the Cities of Lighthouse Point, Tamarac, Lauderdale Lakes, Lazy Lake, North Lauderdale, Pembroke Park, Town of Lauderdale By The Sea, Town of Hillsboro Beach, Village of Sea Ranch Lakes and Wilton Manors.

*LAPC: Local Areas of Particular Concern; NRA: Natural Resource Areas; ESL: Environmentally Sensitive Land 

Tree Preservation Brochure (PDF 349KB)

The Tree Preservation And Abuse Ordinance regulates the following:

  • Tree Removal and Tree Relocation- a license is required for the removal or relocation of trees, except for nuisance trees. In order to remove or relocate trees, the removal and relocation must be justified, and either relocation or replacement of trees must take place.
  • Pruning - Improper pruning of trees and palms, such as “hat racking”, "topping" , "stub cutting" or “excessive lifting” is prohibited. Corrective actions such as tree removal and replacement, or corrective pruning are required for improperly pruned trees.
  • Tree Protection From Construction - Certain steps are required to be taken to ensure that trees are not damaged during construction activities. These include installation and maintenance of highly visible tree protection barriers and conducting onsite pre-construction meetings to go over tree protection related issues.
  • Payments into and expenditures from the Tree Preservation Trust Fund - Payment may be made in certain instances to the Broward County Tree Preservation Trust Fund in lieu of tree replacement requirements. The Fund is used for tree planting projects that enhance the tree canopy of Broward County.

Other activities of the Tree Preservation Program:

  • Public outreach projects such as tree giveaways, educational seminars and school presentations.
  • Assist in the development of regulations regarding tree related issues.

To obtain further information about trees, the tree removal application process or to schedule a tree removal inspection contact the Tree Preservation Program directly at 954-519-1483. For all after-hours complaints concerning tree abuse, unlicensed tree removal activity or any other violation concerning trees please contact the Environmental Complaint Hot Line at 954-519-1499.​