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Historical Water Quality Atlas
Port Everglades, circa 1925
Port Everglades in
Ft. Lauderdale,
circa 1925
Port Everglades, Today
Port Everglades in
Ft. Lauderdale,

This report is a review of surface water quality in Broward County from 1972-1997. Over time, the changes in Broward County’s hydrology, ecology, and environmental regulations have had significant impacts on the quality of our waters. This report presents historical trends and discusses factors affecting water quality such as stormwater, land use, wastewater, saltwater intrusion, and soil types.

A comparison of the County’s drainage basins is given, with separate discussions focusing on each individual basin. This historical analysis of water quality will provide a technical foundation for effective planning and policymaking, development and enforcement of environmental regulations, and design and coordination of research programs for the improvement of the environment in Broward County. This document is planned to be released in December of 2000.

Water Quality in Your Community (1972-1997) (PDF)

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