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365 Food Drive January Icon 
JANUARY - The new year is always symbolized by a baby, so January is “Baby Month.” Donate items for newborns to toddlers including baby formula, food, and cereal; diapers and pull-ups; and wipes.
365 Food Drive February Icon 
FEBRUARY - It’s heart month. Donate heart-healthy items such as low-sodium soup, whole-grain pasta and oatmeal.
365 Food Drive March Icon 
MARCH - Wear green for St. Patrick’s Day and donate green for March … canned green beans, asparagus, split-pea soup and other green items.
365 Food Drive April Icon 
APRIL - April Showers? No, it’s raining pasta! Give spaghetti, vermicelli, lasagna, bow tie, angel hair, fettuccine and even macaroni and cheese. Don’t forget the pasta sauce!
365 Food Drive May Icon 
MAY - It's Mother’s Day. Donate your favorite comfort foods that remind you of Mom!
365 Food Drive June Icon 
JUNE - It’s all about the “J.” Jellies and Jams, but don’t forget about the peanut butter.
365 Food Drive July Icon 
JULY - Show your patriotism by donating anything that comes in a red, white or blue container.
365 Food Drive August Icon 
AUGUST - What’s hot besides the weather? This month — it’s anything in a can including chicken, fish and ham, veggies, and fruits.
365 Food Drive September Icon 
SEPTEMBER - “Souper” September. Donate canned and instant soups.
365 Food Drive October Icon 
OCTOBER - What do rice and beans have to do with Halloween? Just like Trick or Treating, the bigger the bag the better. Donate bags or boxes of instant or regular rice and dried or canned beans.
365 Food Drive November Icon 
NOVEMBER - Be thankful! Donate items to make a wonderful Thanksgiving meal.
365 Food Drive December Icon 
DECEMBER - A time for giving. Donate items for a fabulous winter holiday meal.