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Go SOLAR | Florida

Go Solar Florida

Go Solar Florida was a program (ending in 2017) whose purpose was to increase the use of and access to grid-tied solar energy installations among the state’s residents and businesses. This program was funded by the U.S. Department of Energy as part of the SunShot Initiative Rooftop Solar Challenge II.

Go Solar Florida Partners

Broward County partnered with municipalities and Florida Counties, such as, Miami Dade, Orange and Alachua and the Florida Solar Energy Center (FSEC) to reduce market barriers to installing solar by working to reduce the costs of installation, primarily soft costs, and promoting access to financing options.

Solar Plans Design System

One approach taken to reduce design costs was to develop a Solar Plans Design System that creates an on-line solar system design package, including FSEC solar system certification, 3-line electrical drawing, solar system component cut sheets and labeling details. This system can be found on FSEC’s Photovoltaic Certification Portal.

Solar Co-ops

Neighbors and businesses in Broward County formed two solar co-ops to save money and make going solar easier while building a network of solar supporters. Their goals were to save money and make installation of rooftop solar energy as simple as possible. Broward County teamed up with Solar United Neighbors of Florida to make the co-ops happen. Solar United Neighbors is a non-profit that has helped hundreds of Florida homeowners go solar. Solar United Neighbors educated residents about the benefits of solar energy and helped participating homeowners to solicit competitive bids from solar installers on the group's behalf.  

The-end-result was that nearly 30 residents of Broward County were able to tap into collective group purchasing power and the technical expertise of Solar United Neighbors to lead them through every step of installing solar panels on their homes.

2019 Broward County Solar Co-op

The Broward County Climate, Energy & Sustainability Program continues to promote the installation and use of solar energy in Broward County and has recently opened the opportunity for all residents and small businesses in Broward County to join the 2019 Broward County Solar Co-op

Homeowners interested in joining the co-op can sign up at the co-op web page. The solar co-op is free to join and joining is not a commitment to purchase panels.