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Housing Finance Authority

Broward CountyHousing Finance AuthorityFirst Home 4 U Lender Participation Instructions
First Home 4 U Lender Participation

All lenders must be approved first by U.S. Bank if they want to participate in the Broward County Housing Finance Authority Second Mortgage Loan Program. Potential lenders need to complete the following stepsto be eligible to participate in the2013 Single-Family Program:

Mail six executed signature pages of the Lender Agreement:
Mark T. Mustian, Esq.
Nabors, Giblin & Nickerson
1500 Mahan Drive, Suite 200, Tallahassee, FL 32308

Email a copy of the signature page:

Patt Denihan at
Phone: 954-430-6072

  • In the cover email please include in the subject line: "Lee County 2013 Single Family Program"
  • In the text of the cover email, please provide the name of your institution’s contact person, phone numberand email.

Lenders must be approved by U.S. Bank:

  • If the Lender is currently approved, no further action is required.
  • If the Lender is not yet approved, contact the U.S. Bank help desk and request the Lender Participation Agreement to participate in the Lee County HFA program by contacting:
    MRBP Help Desk
    NOTE: If the Lender has not been approved and will be requesting approval in more than one program (example: Lee and Manatee programs), one request to U.S. Bank is sufficient.

Click here to access the Down Payment Assistance Funding Request Form and Form Instructions​​​​