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Process for New Development Selection

Appeal P​rocess

  • Applicants have seven (7) business days from the posting/notification of the scoring/ranking of the development to file an appeal.
  • All appeals will be in writing and addressed to the Executive Director of the HFA (the “Executive Director”) at the same address as required for the Application.
  • All appeals must be based on the selection scoring criteria and define the basis for the appeal.
  • The Executive Director will evaluate all appeals and provide a written response within five (5) calendar days from the deadline for appeals.
  • All appeals must be received by the close of the business day on the due date of the appeal period.
  • In reviewing any appeal, the Executive Director will not substitute his/her judgment for that of the Selection Committee. He/she will limit his/her review to the points raised by any proposer and the available record of the Selection Committee and the proposals provided by any vendor in response to the RFP’s. The Executive Director’s decision is final and will be reported to the HFA at the next regular or special meeting for applicable action.