Welcome New Municipalities

Welcome to Broward County's Historic Preservation Services​​

We warmly welcome your municipality to Broward County’s Certified Local Government (CLG) Historic & Archaeological Preservation Program. We look forward to meeting your team and introducing you all to the Program. Attached are information items that identifies what the Historic Preservation program offers and how it can serve your community. 

Our program consists of three components:

  1. Historic Preservation Board encompassing a variety and diversity of professions and backgrounds.
  2. Historic Preservation Ordinance (i.e., Broward County Code of Ordinances, Article XVII. – Preservation of Historical Cultural Sites) that includes provisions for historical, archaeological, and paleontological resources.
  3. Professional Staff, including a Historic Preservation Officer and Archaeological Consultant supported by the County’s Urban Planning Division.

We encourage your team to review the reference information related to the program. These items have been assembled to provide you with the basics of the program and include:

  1. Director's Welcome Letter
  2. Historic Preservation Board overview
  3. Broward County Historic Preservation Ordinance (amended in 2019)
  4. List of municipalities and CLG programs in Broward
  5. Map of Broward County CLG municipalities
  6. Application for Certificate of Appropriateness (COA)
  7. Application for Certificate to Dig (CTD)
  8. Application for Designation
  9. Historic Designation FAQs

We are planning a virtual introduction and welcome at an upcoming virtual meeting in January 27, 2022, 2:00 PM. The meeting will be an opportunity to meet our staff and Board as well as to review specifics about the program to serve your community.  If you have not registered yet, please review the invitation with link to register​.

Please feel free to contact the Director, Josie Sesodia, email or phone 954-357-6602; the Assistant Director, Darby Delsalle, email or phone 954-357-9792; or the Historic Preservation Officer, Rick Ferrer, email or phone 954-357-9731, if you have any questions.