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  • July 3, 2019 - NoFA Released 
  • July 18, 2019 - Public Posting of Renewal Projects Opening 
  • July 24, 2019 - Renewal Workshop 
  • August 13, 2019 - NoFA Bonus Workshop 
  • August 15, 2019 - Renewal Applications must be submitted in E-Snaps for Rating and Ranking 
  • August 19, 2019 -Written Questions from Applicants for Bonus Project posted on CPD Website 
  • August 19, 2019 - Renewal Applicants notified outside of E-snaps of Accepted Applications
  • August 28, 2019 - CoC Board review of Rating and Ranking 
  • August 29, 2019 - Rating and Ranking Posted to Website 
  • September 5, 2019 - NOON Bonus Applicants response to the RFP Deadline 
  • September 10, 2019 - Panel Interviews for Bonus Applicants 
  • September 12, 2019 - Notification of selected applicant for Bonus Project (s)


Broward County Board of County Commissioners
Human Services Department, Community Partnerships Division
Homeless Initiative Partnership 2019 HUD Continuum of Care
Homeless Assistance Programs
Public Notice for HUD Renewal Project

In anticipation of the U.S Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) annual Homeless Continuum of Care (CoC) Program competition, the Broward County Human Services Department, in partnership with the Homeless Initiative Partnership (HIP) CoC and the Community Partnership Division (CPD) is requesting notifications for renewals for 2019 HUD CoC Program opportunities.

ALL AGENCIES WITH EXISTING HUD PROJECTS (Permanent Supportive Housing, Rapid Re-Housing, Transitional Housing and Homeless Management Information System) MUST SUBMIT A NOTIFICATION TO RENEW ITS PROJECT FOR THE HUD 2019 HUD AWARD YEAR. Agencies must submit this letter to the County to be considered by the CoC for inclusion in the County's HUD 2019 application. ELIGIBLE APPLICANTS: Only Agencies with existing HUD Continuum of Care (CoC) Program under 24 CFR Part 578 are eligible to submit a Letter of Interest to renew.

Interested Applicants should download additional, detailed information from the CPD website located at: prior to submitting their notification.

Notification for HUD CoC Program Renewal Projects are limited to two pages. Each letter must be printed on the submitting Agency's letterhead stationery and include all the following bulleted points to be eligible for further participation consideration.

  • Applicant agency legal name
  • Name of contact person (who will be coordinating project application)
  • Contact's telephone number, fax number and e-mail address
  • Identify eligible activity of interest (i.e. Permanent Supportive Housing, Transitional Housing, etc.)
  • Brief project description of the Renewal Project(s) proposals. Description must include an explanation of the project, in addition to any other eligible proposed components and information if applicable.

Letters either not containing all the mandatory projects mentioned above, or e-mails or faxes of information not submitted in accordance with the above guidelines will be removed from further funding consideration.

A MANDATORY Workshop for all agencies interesting in renewing itscurrent HUD project will be held Wednesday, July 24 , 2019 at 9:00 A.M. located at 115 South Andrews, Room A337, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33301.

Letters for Renewal Project(s) may be submitted starting Thursday, July 18, 2019 at 8:30 A.M., but no later than Thursday, August 1, 2019 at 5:00 P.M to Community Partnership Division, Attn: R. McGuire, Ph.D., Room A300, Government Center Annex, 115 S. Andrews Avenue, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33301, via hand-delivery, mail, e-mail: or fax: (954)357-5534. Late submittals will not be eligible for funding or inclusion with the County's consolidated application.

Successful Applicant Agencies will be notified by e-mail and/or fax regarding the next step in the application/proposal process.Failure to receive notification from staff is not subject to appeal.

The Public Notice reflects the guidelines of the Homeless Emergency Assistance and Rapid transition to Housing: Continuum of Care Program Rules 24 CFR Part 578 as published in the Federal Register on July 31, 2012 and became an effective August 30, 2012; and Homeless Emergency Assistance and rapid transition to Housing: Defining "Chronically Homeless" as published in the Federal Register on December 4, 2015 and effective January 15, 2015. Applicants are further advised to reference the HUD website for the most current information and guidelines at: http://portal/HUD?src/programs_offices/administration/grants/fundsavail.