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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​If you are a Broward landlord with one or more affordable rental units available for lease, you can earn guaranteed income while providing secure housing for people experiencing homelessness! Join the Broward County Homeless Initiative Partnership (HIP) in ending the heartbreak of homelessness right here in Broward, right now! Rent is guaranteed by local government, state and federally funded programs and is implemented locally through Broward Partnership for the Homeless, Broward Outreach Center and members of the Broward County Homeless Initiative Partnership.

A Key to Helping End Homelessness

​RentalNet Landlord Benefits

  • Fair & reasonable rent, guaranteed by local government, state and federally funded programs
  • Timely rent payments guaranteed
  • Security deposit & last month's rent paid upfront
  • Pre-screened tenants demonstrating a commitment to achieving self-sufficiency
  • Case managers are available to assist landlords and tenants
  • Quick tenant replacement when vacancy occurs
  • Free access to the RentalNet multi-listing website​​

Becoming a RentalNet Landlord is Simple

RentalNet makes it easy to sign on as a participating landlord. Simply register on our secure RentalNet multi-listing site​ and post your available properties today!

Case managers from our highly reputable housing providers will browse the listings to identify units that will be a good match for the homeless clients they are serving. Listings will not be publicly viewable and can only be searched by authorized case managers. When a case manager identifies a potential tenant that would be a good match for your property, you will be contacted to confirm availability and schedule an inspection.

You will also have an opportunity to screen potential tenants by conducting background screenings and credit checks if desired. Once you agree to rent to a tenant, and upon satisfactory inspection, both you and the tenant would then sign an official lease. You will receive payment for the security deposit and last month's rent as well as timely ongoing rental payments directly from the housing provider.

Not only will you have filled your vacant unit, but you will have also played a key role in ending homelessness for your new tenant!


Rental Spot Video_V3 from Broward County Gov on Vimeo.


​​A New Perspective: Housing First

​​RentalNet supports the Housing First approach, a model promoted by the National Alliance to End Homeless, which has transformed the way communities across the country are addressing homelessness. By first securing stable housing, and then embarking on a path to self-sufficiency, individuals and families who were experiencing homelessness are succeeding in rebuilding their lives. Helping individuals and families take that first is where you, the RentalNet landlord, make all the difference. Your rental property provides a fresh start and new-found security to an individual and family in need, which results in successful tenants!​​​​