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Developer Programs

The Housing Finance and Community Redevelopment Division's Developer Programs provide qualified developers with direct financial assistance for the acquisition and purchase of vacant land or structures designated to be developed into affordable housing for the Broward County residents.

The Developer Programs offer many benefits to developers including the reduction or waiver of certain impact fees or other administrative fees as outlined by program criteria.

Competitive Bid Selection Process

Broward County, through the administration of the State Housing Initiatives Partnership (SHIP) Program*, will make funds available through a separate competitive bid process. Notice will be advertised in a newspaper of general circulation announcing the County's request for proposal, letter of interest or quotes (RFP/RLI/RFQ). The notice will state the application procedures and application deadline.

The SHIP New Construction Program was created to enhance and preserve existing neighborhoods by awarding funds to eligible sponsors to construct eligible in-fill housing within the designated target areas. New housing construction will accompany upgraded water supply systems, improved drainage, new road pavement, swales, sodding, landscaping and neighborhood signage. Assistance will be customized to meet the specific needs of the proposed project using the award to fund any combination of approved strategies.

(*) The purpose of the SHIP Program is to assist in meeting specific housing needs of very-low, low and moderate income households, to expand the production and preservation of affordable housing.

Programs for Developers:

  • Development Assistance Program  (funding currently suspended)
  • New Construction Program  (funding currently suspended)
  • Rental/New Construction Program  (funding currently suspended) 

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