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SuNsational Careers

Broward County Government:  Talented People ... SuNsational Careers

Shared Vision
Providing innovative learning solutions to support organizational goals as a business partner.

Mission Statement

We support current and future performance needs for individuals, teams and leadership by:

  • Providing best practice learning opportunities
  • Supporting flexible, timely learning solutions
  • Contributing to the strategic directions of our business partners
  • Partnering with our workforce to develop and enhance their skills, knowledge and attitudes
  • Sustaining the organization's knowledge through mentoring, coaching and training

Shared Team Values

  • We model collaboration and supportive behaviors in a respectful teamwork environment.
  • We believe we are business partners in the strategic planning of the organization.
  • We believe that all employees at all levels are responsible for continuous organizational and personal learning.
  • We believe the development of leaders is the path to sustain our organizational knowledge and introduce best practices.
  • We believe in a leadership that recognizes an innovative and engaged workforce to support customer focus.

Training : The Key To Performance Improvement

There are several resources that an organization needs to achieve their business goals: employees, processes, equipment and money. The primary resource is the employee, because all the other resources exist to extend the effectiveness of the human resource.

The purpose of training is to enable people to use these resources to the best advantage. Highly effective organizations are seen as world class leaders because their organization does a better job than their competitors in training and developing their employees.

The Board of County Commissioners recognizes the organizational value of training and continues to invest in training which focuses on performance improvement. You will find a variety of performance-based training classes offered to help you bridge the gap between the skills you have and the skills you will need as your job functions change and as the County's dynamic environment continues to grow and change.

Broward County has invested in you and we encourage you to invest in yourself by using this invaluable training to create or update your Individual Development Plan (IDP). Work with your supervisor as you develop your plan. Remember to link the plan to your annual performance goals, which should be aligned with your agency business goals and support the Commissioners' Challenge Goals.

We also strongly recommend that, once you complete a training program, reinforce your learning back in the workplace. Ask your manager and/or team leader for an opportunity for you to share what you learned with others at a staff meeting. By sharing information with others, you can apply the new learning. The more often you apply the learning, the stronger the learning can become.

Get Involved In Improving Your Performance:

  • Identify Classes and/or programs to continue your individual development.
  • Enroll in our Computer Based Learning (CBL) courses.
  • Send feedback to our email address
  • Encourage your agency to request specialized operational training to target your agencies specialized needs.