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Broward County System of Care

Broward County System of Care... Live It Every Day

System of Care is not a program — it is a philosophy and a means of delivering care to children and families. A System of Care is an approach to service delivery that recognizes the importance of family, school and community. A System of Care seeks to promote the full potential of every child by addressing their physical, emotional, intellectual, cultural and social needs. System of Care is a coordinated network of community-based services and supports that are organized to meet the challenges of children and youth with serious mental health needs and their families.

Families and youth work in partnership with public and private organizations to provide support and to design mental health services that are effective, build on the strengths of individuals, and address each person’s cultural and linguistic needs. A System of Care helps children, youth and families function better at home, in school, in the community and throughout life.

Our Guiding Principles

The following guiding principles have been adopted specifically for Broward County to coordinate a System of Care for youth and families. The values and principles originated from the Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration’s national system.

Child Focused and Family Centered:
Service delivery, service planning and treatment planning will include the full participation of families/caregivers and their children.

All services will be individualized to meet the unique needs of the child and family as specified on the treatment or service plan. Services will be guided by the individualized plan, which is comprehensive and responds to the evolving needs of the child and family.

Strength Based:
Plans and services build on strengths of the family identified during the assessment which help facilitate the child and family's attainment of goals.

Collaboration and Integration:
Services respond to the multiple needs of children and families and are coordinated with multiple systems and providers both formal and informal. Services also ensure an appropriate and clear transition between levels of care and between the youth and adult behavioral health system of care.

Persistent Commitment:
All children and adolescents are eligible to receive services appropriate to the level of severity of his or her behavior or disability. Providers ensure children, youth and families receive appropriate services and supports. Providers will ensure that appropriate referrals to community partners are made to meet all the families and youth's needs.

Community Based:
A continuum of care is identified, developed and provided in the local area; where the children and family reside. Services are delivered in the least restrictive, most natural environment that is appropriate for the child's needs.

Culturally Competent:
All services are delivered in a way that is sensitive and responsive to the family's culture and needs. Additionally, services should be culturally, linguistically and developmentally appropriate.

Outcome Driven:
Outcomes for youth and their families are clearly stated, measurable, and used to drive decisions to further improve outcomes for youth and families in Broward County.