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Grants and Research

​ECI provides grant coordination services at no cost to community based nonprofit organizations, located in Broward County!  These services provide assistance in grant application development such as, technical support, editorial review, basic grant writing tips, planning and evaluation.  Our office also offers training opportunities related to these topics on a quarterly basis. If you need technical assistance with a current application for funding or editorial support, please contact us.

(Assistance applies to organizations and programs related to human services priorities for the Broward County Human Services Department and the community. Restrictions apply.)

Janie Chandler-Edmondson

Program Coordinator Synopsis: ECI grants coordination services facilitate the acquisition of grant funding for Broward County Human Services. Our office ensures that crucial funding is obtained and remains in Broward county so we can support essential human services programs. Now is a critical time because funding is scarce but also critically needed. The current crisis has increased competition for a limited pool of funds and made support for successful applications essential.​

As Grants Coordinator I assist th​e Human Services Department and Broward nonprofit organizations answer grant applications in a way that exhibits the heart of their services as well as providing technical and editorial support. Our office provides assistance that ensures we find, apply and retain funding for essential programs in Broward County. As part of our service we also provide training to Broward County nonprofits to assist them in improving and maintaining their services in our community.