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​​​​​​In order to fulfill its responsibility as an independent watchdog over the expenditure of taxpayer funds, the OIG administers a specialized program focused on public procurement and contract execution.  The Audit and Contract/Procurement Oversight Program is a natural outgrowth of the OIG’s responsibility to detect gross mismanagement, defined as “material waste or significant mismanagement of public resources.”  The objective of our oversight reviews is to detect the vulnerabilities that make government entities susceptible to the waste of public resources, and prevent that waste whenever possible.  Utilizing the OIG’s collective procurement, investigative and legal acumen, the program is designed to review recent or ongoing procurements and test the processes of each governmental entity to determine the existence of vulnerabilities. 

The concept is simple and effective: if we can reduce the vulnerabilities to fraud, waste and abuse in the public procurement process, we will reduce the likelihood that taxpayer dollars will be misspent.  Preventing gross mismanagement means more taxpayer dollars are available for their intended use. This program has a focus on working with local governments to improve processes before fraud, waste and abuse can occur.  If a procurement is ongoing, the OIG will work with the procurement officials to avoid any pitfalls.  If a contract has been awarded, the OIG will analyze the process and, when appropriate, recommend improvements that can be made for future procurements.

Our staff also work with vendors and elected officials to address concerns about public procurement.  As a local government official, have you ever wondered if a contractor or supplier was cutting corners?  As a vendor, have you ever participated in a procurement process that had odd requirements or other unorthodox requests? Without souring the client-vendor relationship, the OIG acts as an independent third-party that investigates red flags in any procurement.  If you have information that may indicate gross mismanagement or misconduct, please contact us at 954-357-TIPS.  You can also email at

You can find our publications containing process reviews and recommendations here.​​​​​

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