​​​​The OIG was created to independently investigate gross mismanagement and misconduct (violations of law involving fraud, corruption and abuse), including violations of applicable ethics laws.  According to our charter, our jurisdiction includes county officials and employees, municipalities’ officials and employees, and providers of goods and services to the county and its municipalities.

An important function of the OIG’s ethics mission is to enforce existing ethics laws.  To that end, we follow up on tips and complaints, initiate our own inquiries based on information that comes to our attention, conduct disclosure compliance reviews, conduct investigations where there is good cause, and refer founded cases to the appropriate enforcement agency.

If there is no enforcement agency to which to refer a founded case of misconduct, we will prosecute the matter before an independently selected hearing officer in an administrative proceeding.

We may also issue a report at the conclusion of an ethics investigation to assist in preventing similar, future misconduct.

Please contact us at (954) 357-TIPS if you see possible ethics law violations.

To view our charter, see Broward County Charter - Section 10.01​ ​​​​

Broward Office of the Inspector General
One North University Drive, Suite 111
Plantation, Florida 33324
Tel: (954) 357-7873

Independently organized and administered
to ensure no external interference or influence.