​​​​Lobbying or lobbying activities” means a communication, by any means, from a lobbyist to certain government decision makers regarding an item that will foreseeably be decided, which communication seeks to influence, convince, or persuade support or opposition for the item.   It is not on-the-record communications at duly-noticed public meetings or hearings.

A “lobbyist” is a person retained (with or without compensation) to lobby or who is employed principally to lobby for his or her employer.  An official or employee who communicates in his or her official capacity, or someone who communicates on his or her own behalf or for his or her employer (unless principally employed to lobby) is not a lobbyist.

All lobbyists are subject to registration and disclosure requirements, and limitations on gift-giving.

In addition, public officials and employees who lobby are subject to lobbying restrictions and may be required to disclose their clients.

Those who lobby Broward County and its 31 municipalities are governed by the State Code of Ethics (Chapter 112 of the Florida Statutes), the Broward County Lobbyist Registration Act (Section 1-260 of the Broward County Code of Ordinances), and any applicable municipal ordinances.  Broward’s elected county and municipal officials must adhere to the provisions of the Code of Ethics for Elected Officials (Section 1-19 of the Broward County Code of Ordinances) that apply to lobbying and receiving gifts from lobbyists and providers.

In addition to other laws, lobbyists are expected to abide by laws relating to:

  • Gift Giving and Reporting
  • Conflicts of Interest
  • Registration for Lobbying Activity
  • Reporting Contacts

Click on the links below to see ethics laws applicable to providers and lobbyists:

Most municipalities and Broward County require advance lobbyist registration.  These municipal laws address lobbyists and lobbying: 

Please also review the OIG's training supplements on the subjects of Conflicts of Interest for Officials and Employees, Disclosure Requirements for Elected Officials, Lobbyists and Lobbying, and Officials and Employees Accepting and Reporting Gifts.


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