Broward County Planning Council

Promote coordinated, comprehensive, long-range planning throughout Broward County through the joint cooperation and participation of all local governments, public officials and private citizens.

Serve as the Local Planning Agency for the County Land Use Plan; review and make recommendations to the Broward County Commission on all proposed amendments to the Plan.

Maintain the Broward County Trafficways Plan; rule on all proposed amendments and waivers.

Created By:

Chapter 59-1154, Laws of Florida, Special Acts of 1959, created the Broward County Area Planning Board. With the passage of the Charter of Broward County, Florida on November 5, 1974, the Broward County Planning Council was created and the enabling legislation of the Area Planning Board was repealed and its functions and responsibilities were transferred to, and vested in, the Planning Council.

Broward County Charter, Article VIII, “Land Use Planning”, as may be amended from time to time.


Twenty (20) members as follows:

1) One (1) County Commissioner nominated by the Mayor and approved by a majority vote of the County Commission.

2) One (1) member of and selected by a majority vote of the School Board of Broward County.

3) Each Commissioner shall nominate two (2) individuals, subject to approval by a majority vote of the County Commission, of which:

One (1) appointee shall be an elected municipal official of a municipality within the Commissioner’s district, and

One (1) appointee shall be an elector not holding an elected public office who resides in the Commissioner’s district.

At the request of the nominating Commissioner, each municipality within a Commission district may submit the name of one of its elected officials for consideration by the nominating Commissioner. In submitting the name of a municipal official, each municipality shall give deference to the Commission’s diversity policies regarding ethnicity, gender or race.

The appointment shall be made from the elected municipal officials submitted by the municipalities. If all the municipalities within a Commission district do not submit a name, the Commissioner may appoint the member. If no qualified elected municipal official is willing to accept such an appointment, then the seat will be filled by an elector from the district who is not an elected public official.

Except for the County Commission or School Board members, no more than two (2) members of the Planning Council shall reside within the same municipality, provided that no municipality with a population of less than 50,000, according to the last decennial census, shall have more than one (1) representative as a member on the Planning Council.


The term of each member shall coincide with the term of the nominating Commissioner.

The term of the School Board member shall not exceed four (4) years.

The term of each member shall continue until their successor is duly appointed.


A majority of members.


Andrew S. Maurodis, Legal Counsel


Barbara Blake Boy, Executive Director
Broward County Planning Council


Sharon Walker, Office Support Specialist


Monthly, fourth Thursday at 10:00 a.m.
Broward County Governmental Center, Room 422


Financial Disclosure required.

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