Educational Facilities Authority

The Authority is constituted as public body, corporate and politic, to assist institutions for higher education in the construction, financing and refinancing of projects that will assist future generations of youth to achieve the highest levels of learning and development of their intellectual and mental capacities.

Created By

Broward County Resolution, adopted September 11, 1973, pursuant to the Higher Education Facilities Authorities Law, Laws of Florida 1969, Chapter 69-345 - Chapter 243, Florida Statutes.

Broward County Resolution, adopted September 11, 1973, activating the Authority; authorizing the Authority to issue up to $5,500,000 revenue bonds for Nova University of Advanced Technology.

Broward County Resolution, adopted November 11, 1975, appointing five (5) members.

Ordinance #86-15, enacted March 11, 1986, reaffirming the need for the Authority; providing a declaration of need; providing for the exercises of all powers; providing for organizing and appointing members; ratifying all prior acts.

Amended by Ordinance #89-9, enacted February 7, 1989; increasing the membership from five to seven; requiring that one of those members be a trustee, director, officer, or employee of an institution of higher education within Broward County, as required by Florida Statutes.

Amended by Ordinance #2001-21, enacted June 26, 2001, increasing the membership from seven to nine.


Nine (9) members.

Each Broward County Commissioner shall appoint one (1) member.

One member shall be a trustee, director, officer, or employee of an institution for higher education located in Broward County.

The Florida Constitution prohibits a person from simultaneously holding more than one office under the government of the state, counties, and municipalities. The prohibition applies to both elected and appointed offices. It is not necessary that the two offices be within the same governmental unit.


Five (5) years.

Members should serve until a successor is appointed. Vacancies shall be filled for the remainder of the unexpired term. Members are eligible for reappointment.


A majority of the authority members appointed.


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As needed.

Financial Disclosure not required.

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