Historic Preservation Board


Encourage respect, understanding and preservation of the local history of Broward County.

Collect, arrange, record, preserve and maintain in its archives, museums, libraries, historical artifacts, data, and all other objects and material illustrative of and relating to the history and archaeology of Broward County and of Florida.

Created By

Broward County Ordinance #72-16, enacted November 21, 1972.

Amended by Ordinance #74-10, enacted June 18, 1974, repealing #72-26; and recreating the Broward County Historical Commission.

Amended by Ordinance #75-32, enacted September 10, 1975, increasing the membership from five to seven members.

Amended by Ordinance #79-25, enacted April 18,1979, increasing the membership from seven to fourteen members.

Amended by Ordinance #88-26, enacted June 14, 1988, increasing the membership from fourteen to eighteen members.

Amended by Ordinance #2001-06, enacted February, 13, 2001, increasing the membership from sixteen to twenty members.

Amended by Ordinance #2009-10, enacted March 10, 2009, increasing the membership from twenty to twenty-two members; adding two (2) at-large members, a representative from the Seminole Tribe of Florida and a representative from the School Board of Broward County.

Amended by Ordinance #2014-32, enacted September 23, 2014, creating, deleting, and revising various sections of 31 1/2-104 and 31 1/2-105 of Article VI of the Broward County Code.  Repeals Article VII, Broward County Code, "Historical Commission".  Repeals Article XVI, Broward County Code, "Archaeological Cultural Resource Sites". 


Nine (9) members.

One (1) member of the Historic Preservation Board shall be a licensed architect with demonstrable historic preservation experience. 

The remaining eight (8) members shall be practicing or retired professionals from each of the following areas of disciplines:

(1) Archaeology, anthropology, or cultural anthropology;
(2) Historic architecture, architectural history, or an allied or related profession;
(3) History or folklore;
(4) Historic preservation;
(5) Planning and land use related to historic preservation;
(6) Conservation or curation;
(7) General or building contractor; and
(8) Professional engineering.


Section 1-233 of Chapter 1, Article XII, Broward County Code of Ordinances, as may be amended from time to time.

1) Appointees to the Historic Preservation Board shall serve two, two-year terms.

2) Certain appointees shall serve an initial term of one-year; eligible to serve two, two-year terms after initial term is served.


A majority of the total appointed board members.


Matthew Haber, Assistant County Attorney


Richard Ferrer, County Historic Preservation Officer
Urban Planning Division​


Monique Davis, Administrative Coordinator
Urban Planning Division​


Bi-Monthly, third Thursday at 6:00pm
Governmental Center
115 South Andrews Avenue, Room 430
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301



Financial Disclosure required.

Updated 03/10/2021​​