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Parks and Recreation Advisory Board


Provide an ongoing process allowing public access to the planning, development, management, and programming of the Broward County Parks and Recreation System; serve in an advisory capacity to the Board of County Commissioners.

Plan and recommend to the Broward County Board of County Commissioners projects and activities for the non-land acquisition components of the 2000 Safe Park and Land Preservation Bond Issue

Created By

Pursuant to the Charter of Broward County, as amended.

Broward County Resolution #1981-AC-29X, adopted August 4, 1981.

Amended by Resolution #2000-1229, adopted October 17, 2000, providing authority to plan and recommend proposed projects and activities for the non-land acquisition components of the 2000 Safe Park and Land Preservation Bond issue.

Amended by Resolution #2001-0079, adopted February 13, 2001, reducing the membership from twenty-one to eighteen members.

Amended by Resolution #2003-480, adopted June 24, 2003, providing for an exemption to the district residency requirement due to certain Board members being negatively impacted due to redistricting.

Amended by Resolution #2009-284, adopted April 14, 2009, providing that the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board shall assume the ongoing duties and responsibilities of the Urban Wilderness Advisory Board (UWAB) following completion of the its primary duties and action of the Board of County Commissioners sunsetting the UWAB.


Eighteen (18) members.

Each Broward County Commissioner shall use his or her best efforts to appoint two (2) members who shall be residents of that Commissioner’s district.

In the event a Commissioner determines that there are no appropriate candidates for such position residing in his or her district, a Commissioner shall appoint a member who resides in Broward County.

Any existing member who was impacted due to redistricting and does not meet the district residency requirement shall be permitted to remain a member and is not required to reside within his or her appointing Commissioner’s district, at the appointing Commissioner’s option.


Section 1-233 of Chapter 1, Article XII, Broward County Code of Ordinances, as may be amended from time to time.


A majority of the total appointed board members.


Amanda Tolbert, Assistant County Attorney


Dan West, Director
Parks and Recreation Division


Cathy Hagen, Senior Administrative Officer


The PRAB meets at various park locations on the first Friday of scheduled months. The PRAB also holds a public participation forum one evening per year.


Financial Disclosure not required.

Updated 9/11/2020