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Small Business Development Advisory


Develop and implement an effective coordinated approach aimed at increasing the availability, participation, and use of small businesses and small disadvantaged business enterprises in the procurement activities of Broward County government. Identify and evaluate issues distinctive to small businesses and small disadvantaged business enterprises and provide recommendations to the Board of County Commissioners and other Broward County government officials concerning enhancements to County procurement activities and practices. Enhance communication, increase opportunities, improve the economic viability, and enrich the overall business climate for small and disadvantaged business enterprises within Broward County.

Created By

Broward County Resolution #2001-0800, adopted August 21, 2001.

Amended by Resolution #2007-029, adopted January 23, 2007; removing specific term limits; replacing them with a reference to Section 1-233, Broward County Code of Ordinances.

Amended by Resolution #2009-352, adopted May 12, 2009; amending the definitions of the membership categories; revising membership requirements; increasing the membership by two (2) at-large members.


Eleven (11) members.

A. Each Broward County Commissioner shall appoint one (1) member using best efforts to appoint members representing the following:

(1) Minority small business owner;

(2) Woman small business owner;

(3) Small business owner;

(4) Prime contractor;

(5) Architectural or engineering consulting firm;

(6) Lending institution;

(7) Small business technical assistance organization;

(8) Minority business organization; and

(9) Women’s small business organization.

B. The Broward County Commission shall appoint two (2) at-large members to allow greater citizen participation.


Section 1-233 of Chapter 1, Article XII, Broward County Code of Ordinances, as may be amended from time to time.


A majority of the total appointed board members.


Tricia Brissett, Assistant County Attorney, 954-357-7600


Susan V. Smith, Small Business Development Specialist
Office of Economic and Small Business Development




Bi-Monthly, second Wednesday at 3 p.m.
Broward County Governmental Center Annex, Room A-680


Financial Disclosure not required.

Updated 6/17/19