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2023 Clean Air Calendar Poster Contest

​​​​Contest Theme: 30 by 30​

To lessen the effects of climate change for ourselves and all other living things, scientists have determined that we should preserve at least 30% of our lands and oceans by the year 2030. The theme for this year’s poster contest calls on students to show what our lives and/or the environment would look like if we accomplished this goal. This can be depicted through photography, hand-drawn artwork, or digital media.

The contest is free and open to all K-12 students residing in Broward County! Please read the rules and guidelines below to ensure your artwork qualifies.

Digital art and photographs are also being accepted in addition to hand-drawn artwork!

Contest Rules and Guidelines
  • An online submission form must be submitted
  • A Signed Parental Release Form must be completed and sent with the artwork.
  • Entries must be received by Broward County’s Air Program by close of business on Friday, February 11, 2022
  • Poster size
    • Hand Drawing: no larger than 12 inches x 18 inches and no smaller than 8 inches x 10 inches
    • Digital Art: high resolution 300 dpi or higher and submitted as .png or .jpg. Pixel size between 3300 x 2400 and 5100 x 3300
    • Photographs: no larger than 12 inches x 18 inches and no smaller than 8 inches x 10 inches and submitted as .png or .jpg
  • Poster orientation: LANDSCAPE for all art types. If the submission is not in the landscape orientation, it will be disqualified.
  • One paragraph explaining what our lives and environments would look like if we protected 30% of our lands and oceans by 2030 and the importance of them. The paragraph must be no longer than 75 words.
  • Only original work will be considered (for example, no magazine cutouts or photos from the Internet).
  • Please do not fold posters. Entries must be mailed flat and must not be folded, matted, or mounted.
Submission of Artwork 

​Hand-drawing and Broward County Public School Student
​Hand-drawing and not a Broward County Public School Student (homeschool, private school, etc.)
​Digital art and photography
​Submit to your teacher
​Mail to:​​
Environmental Protection and Growth Management Department ATTN: Air Outreach Team
115 South Andrews Avenue, 
Suite 329H,
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301
​Submit via submission form​
  • ​Submit to your teacher (hand drawing)
    • ​Teachers: submit via School Board Pony
      • ​Attn: Air Quality Program, c/o Rebecca Malones, Applied Learning Department @ KC Wright Building, 4th Floor

Judging Criteria
Effectiveness & Relevance to theme (75%): Does the artwork effectively illustrate the theme and have a written description relevant to the theme? Does the poster clearly express a message of environmental conservation?
Creativity & Neatness (25%): Does the student use creative forms of expression? Is the poster neat and easily understood? How much time and effort does the poster, digital art, and photograph exhibit?

Winning entries will be featured in the 2023 Clean Air Calendar. There will be a total of twelve (12) winners and one (1) Grand Prize Winner. The participating school of the Grand Prize Winner (cover image) will be awarded a plaque for display at the school and all winners will receive a prize. Posters submitted for the contest may be used for educational purposes and will become the property of Broward County.


Please note: Digital art and photographs will be accepted and will be considered upon the discretion of Broward County.