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Career Opportunities
​Attorneys and Law Students
Hiring outstanding and motivated attorneys is critical to the success of the Office of the County Attorney. The Office hires new attorneys at all experience levels. 

The Office offers competitive salaries, outstanding benefits, and the opportunity to take on real responsibility at an early stage. Our attorneys have the rare opportunity to handle a matter from the early negotiations or drafting of a contract or ordinance all the way through litigation and appeals, making for a diverse and engaging practice. Inquiries regarding attorney employment should be directed to

For law students, the Office provides internships for academic credit and a limited number of paid summer clerkships. Participants gain valuable experience conducting legal research, assisting attorneys, and learning about the complexities of County government. Inquiries about student clerk positions or our paid summer clerkships should be directed to the Office Internship Committee at For students interested in our volunteer internship positions please click on the following link: Volunteer Intern (County Attorney).

Support Staff
Paralegals and legal assistants are a vital part of our Office’s operation. Inquiries about staff positions may be directed to Legal Administrator Melissa McGhie at mmcghie@broward.orgThe Broward County Attorney’s Office values diversity in its workforce and is an equal-opportunity employer. ​​​​​