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Featured Guests

Rodney Barnes
Rodney Barnes is the award-winning writer/producer of American Gods, The Boondocks (Peabody, NAACP Image Awards), Everybody Hates Chris (AFI, NAACP Image Awards), Marvel's Runaways, the 88th annual Academy Awards, and a host of other television programs and feature films. Rodney has also authored graphic novels for Marvel Comics’ The Falcon and Marvel/Lucas Film’s Lando: Double or Nothing, based on the character Lando Calrissian from the Star Wars franchise. As well, he is writing Quincredible for the Lion Forge imprint, and Killadelphia for Image Comics. Currently, Rodney is writing and developing a number of feature films, television pilots and graphic novels.

Manual & Geiszel Godoy
Manual & Geiszel Godoy are the creators of Black Sands Entertainment which offers an award-winning collection for African-American youth. Their books do not simply add “diversity” to a collection. They empower youth with rich African legends and normalize black excellence. The Black Sands comic series tells a story about the greatest African legends in a shonen jump style that teens love. Many say it is the spiritual successor of Avatar, the Last Air Bender.

Manual & Geiszel Godoy
Jeff Carroll is pioneering what he calls, “Hip Hop Horror, Sci-fi and Fantasy.” His stories have lots of action and a social edge. Jeff has written and produced two films and has written five science fiction and nonfiction books. His short stories have appeared in The Black Science Fiction Society's Anthology and their magazine, as well as other anthologies. Jeff produces The Monster Panel, a traveling sci-fi panel that features writers of color in a lively discussion of comic books, movies and Black people.

Manual & Geiszel Godoy
Keith Wade is a writer/actor/director, Jedi Master and the host of Sci-fi Saturday's with Keith C Wade, a podcast/talk show. He was a guest star on Nickelodeon's hit show, I Am Frankie, and is a part of the new television series, David Makes Man, premiering this summer on the OWN network. Keith is the creator of the series A Warrior's Path, which debuts comic book The Chronicles of Shara Malise this spring.

Mervyn McKoy
Mervyn McKoy is a Jamaican illustrator, storyteller and co-founder of Paper Lab Studios. He has left an indelible mark on the South Florida comics scene, most notably creating Florida Supercon’s titular mascot. McKoy is also the co-creator and lead artist on the internationally renowned Kickstarter comic books. The C-Listers and Giant Robot Warrior Maintenance Crew (or GRWMC for short). Over the years, his parody art has been both praised and lampooned by Destructoid, IGN, The Comedy Button and Conan O’Brien. His most recent co-creator comic, Child of the Sun, is available on Comixology and Amazon, while his next projects Speeders INC. and Nanny of the Maroons are on the horizon. Whenever he is not drawing or crafting new ideas, you can find him gaming, cycling or traveling.

Nicole Mucher
Nicole Mucher was born in Seoul, South Korea and raised in Miami, Florida. Classically trained, she attended New World School of the Arts High School for Fine Art and went on to graduate from the Kansas City Art Institute with a Bachelor's Degree of Fine Arts. Nicole spent the next few years honing her skills as both an illustrator and seamstress, during which she sewed over 50 different costumes and won multiple awards for both her original designs and recreations. She has also appeared on Sci-Fi’s Heroes of Cosplay, where she starred as a guest judge for the contestants. In addition, Nicole has been the editor on the internationally distributed comic books The C-Listers and Giant Robot Warrior Maintenance Crew (or GRWMC for short). She currently works with her husband, Mervyn McKoy, for their illustration company, Paper Lab Studios, based in Fort Lauderdale.

Kenny Calderon
Kenny Calderon is a professional artist, designer, and illustrator. He is the owner/founder of Wild Inx Productionz and Wild Inx Studioz, LLC. Far Rockaway, Queens, New York, and a self-taught artist, Kenny’s interests began with graffiti and street art. He moved into cartoons, caricatures and even portraits by his junior year in middle school. As a teenager, Kenny studied the works of Leonardo Da Vinci and incorporated those skills into his figure drawing and comic art. With a drive for meeting his artistic goals and a versatile skill set, Kenny became a freelance artist after moving to South Florida. Today, he has clients all across the country, ranging from clothing designers and business owners to published writers and musicians. Kenny has storyboarded for music videos and developed original character studies for well-known writers. He’s most known for his comic work in the Grace Flynn Chronicles, cover variants for indie comic publisher Creature Entertainment on their Tommy series of books. An avid comic book and anime fan, Kenny is currently working on a graphic novel series of his own and attends many of the local comic and anime conventions in Florida and across the U.S. He is an enthusiastic N.Y. Giants fan and currently resides in South Florida.

Juan Navarro
Juan Navarro is a cartoonist/comedian from Miami, Florida, artist/writer of Creature Entertainment, creator of comic series: Tommy, Zombie Years and VIGIL, currently working on the development of REZ and owner of The Goblins Heist Comics and Games located in Hialeah, Florida. “Art is the transference of ideas as energy. I make work that allows me to give what is driving and inspiring me to others for them to witness, understand and give back.” Born and raised in Hialeah (“agua, fango y factoría”) Florida, Juan Navarro has been writing for roughly 15 years, making comic books for 20 years and drawing and painting for almost 30 years. Fueled by a steady diet of comic books and heavy metal, Juan attended several Magnet programs in Miami including the Norland Middle School Arts Program and the Design and Architecture Senior High School. He graduated from the Performing and Visual Arts Center (PAVAC) at Miami Northwestern Senior High School. He studied for two years at Savannah College of Art and Design, studying under James Sturm and went on to earn a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the New World School of the Arts at the University of Florida. Navarro has worked in the comics and Design field for 20 years for such companies as Marvel comics, Image comics, Steampunk Magazine, Graphicsmash, Oliva Cigar, New Era and many more. He's also been in panels and workshops at New York Comic Con, C2E2 Chicago, San Diego Comic Con, Miami Book Fair and more. His work has been featured around the world and locally at Art Basel Miami.

Jose Marrero
José F. Marrero teaches at Alternative Education Foundation (AEF) Schools in Davie, Florida, where he has devoted much of his career to working with students who have been diagnosed with various forms of autism or socio-emotional disorders. If you were to ask José what his greatest achievement is to date he would say that it’s his extracurricular comic book social club. He initially began the club in order to address the concerns of a group of parents who worried that their children where not capable of socializing outside of a structured school setting. The club began with a group of five students and has expanded to a club of over twenty-five students. Since the club’s inception, he has developed a methodology for teaching students with socio-emotional disorders or varying degrees of autism to socialize and adapt to various non-structured social activities. This methodology, which he has lovingly termed G.E.E.K, has been a labor of love for José.

Ramon Robbinson
Ramon Robinson - artist, educator, mentor, author, and community leader. They say when someone helps others and they’re struggling too… that’s not help, that’s love. It is this very sentiment that has fueled Ramon “Absoloot” Robinson to continue fighting against all odds. His career path could definitely be described as a thrill-seeking roller coaster ride with twists and turns. Huge ups and downs but, for the last decade a few things have remained the same. Even in the face of adversity whether those struggles were mental, physical or financial. Absoloot has maintained his passion to uplift his community, his desire to mentor youth and his unique outlook on how to be successful in the music industry.

Andres Labrada
Andres M. Labrada is a local South Florida comic book artist and illustrator. His credits include storyboards for Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H (TV Series), Blondie comics. He is the creator behind the webcomic Coshoho (Coffee Shop of Horrors) found on Line Webtoons.

Matthew Harden
Matthew Harden is a freelance cosplay artist and props creator who is passionate about art and music. He likes to challenge himself by bringing characters to life through originality and imagination. His passion for art and dedication to the craft have helped him win numerous cosplay competitions such as Florida Supercon, Animate Miami, Dragoncon, and Gamer-con over the years. He is always looking for the next challenge.