Adulting 101
Living on your own for the first time? Need tips and pointers on how to successfully "adult"? Doesn't matter if you're 18 or 80 (or anywhere in between) - join Broward County Library for a free series of monthly workshops that empower adults of any age with the skills to master life’s challenges.    

This award winning series is designed to teach participants skills such as developing a budget for spending and saving; collecting, organizing and sorting data about housing options; planning events by tracking details, tasks and sharing a to-do list; crafting a resume and cover letter; charting and analyzing a loan by percentage rates and monthly payments; conducting a search for cars; and preparing and practicing for an interview. Participants will develop these skills and more under the guidance of live instructors. 

To register for classes, please call the branch directly.

Do you have an Adulting 101 skill that you'd like to share? We're seeking volunteers to teach upcoming Adulting 101 workshops. Please contact Michael Bryant at 954-357-7435,​, for more details.