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Earth Day Events
Earth Day is officially celebrated on April 22nd, but we're hosting fun programs spotlighting nature, conservation and the Earth all month long. Make amazing objects out of up-cycled materials, listen to free presentations on Florida wildlife, plant a garden or participate in hands-on science fun. 

Adults: Discussions, Presentations, Movies & More

  • April 30 - If You Care, Leave Them There: Florida Wildlife Encounters, 6:30-7:30PM, Main Library

Learn about the Earth and the environment with these free, downloadable documentary films you can access with your Library card:
  • Biodiversity: Explore biodiversity as it applies to a wide range of environments and learn about its importance. (2014)
  • Earth Days traces the origins of the environmental movement through the eyes of nine Americans who propelled the movement from its beginnings. (2010)
  • Origins takes a journey through the biological roots of where we have come from. (2015)
  • Surviving Earth asks how we can prevent humanity from killing itself by killing our host - the Earth. (2014)
  • The Best of Walt Disney's True-Life Adventures depicts dramatic, fascinating moments in habitats ranging from the American prairie to Africa. (1975)
  • Join Wild Nature Survivor Guy, Jimmy Fallon, as he drops by Sesame Street to show us that nature is all around - even in the city! (2009)