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LibraryEventsRuth E. Cohan Jewish Book Review Book Series


The Flight Portfolio by Julie Orringer
This historical novel takes us back to occupied Europe and is based on the true story of Varian Fry's extraordinary attempt to save the work, and the lives, of Jewish artists fleeing the Holocaust.
The World We Knew by Alice Hoffman
Set in Europe during the Holocaust , it follows 3 young women who must act with courage to survive history's darkest hour. Steeped in history and Jewish mythology it is a spellbinding portrait of what it means to be human in an inhuman world.
Inheritance by Dani Shapiro
A gripping genetic detective story and meditation on the meaning of parenthood and family.
Eternal Life by Dara Horn
From ancient religion to the scientific frontier, Dara Horn pits our efforts to make life last against the deeper challenge of making life worth living. by Nathan Englander
Sharp, irreverent, hilarious, and wholly irresistible, a tale of a son who makes a diabolical compromise ingeniously captures the tensions between tradition and modernity.