JR Harris

J. R. Harris

Author, Speaker, Wilderness Backpacker, Photographer, Founder & CEO of JRH Marketing Services


J. Robert Harris ("J.R.") is an author, speaker, business owner, ex-New York City taxi driver and lifelong explorer, travelling solo to the most remote places on the planet. Now in his seventies, and a member of the prestigious Explorers Club, Harris recently did a solo trek in the Dolomite Mountains. His book, Way Out There, Adventures of a Wilderness Trekker, contains his travel tales of 50 years.

Professionally, Harris is founder and president of JRH Marketing Services. Established in 1975, it is the oldest African-American-owned marketing research and consulting company in the U.S. In his speaking engagements, Harris emphasizes the importance of having more people, especially people of color and urban youth, experience nature.