Please call 954-357-5757 or email for a Books-By-Mail application.

Books-By-Mail is a service that provides books and other printed material to library users of all ages who are homebound or unable to visit their local library due to physical disability.

Designed to meet the needs of elderly, homebound and physically disabled people, the program is open to both children and adults. Materials available include books in standard and large print formats in either hardcover or paperback, and descriptive videos which are feature films with additional descriptive narration for visually impaired users.

Materials are selected for each reader according to reading interests, or readers may make specific requests. All materials are mailed in secure, zippered pouches via the United States Postal Service. Books in standard print are mailed at a special library rate, and postage is paid by Broward County. These standard print materials can be mailed back, at the same rate, at the customer’s expense, or can be returned to any Broward County Library by a friend, family member or caretaker.

Applications for large print materials or descriptive videos must be signed by a professional, such as a doctor, social worker or optometrist. This certification is required to be eligible for free mailing privileges. Applications for children's services must be signed by the child's parent or legal guardian.