I Spy a Manatee App for iOS
Report manatees & their activities, view manatee protection & boating safety zones & more!
I Spy a Manatee App for Android
Report manatees & their activities, view manatee protection & boating safety zones & more!

​​​Manatee Season Runs Annually from November 15 through March 31​

​Hundreds of Manatees Move South into the Warm Waters of Broward County​ 

The 'I Spy a Manatee' mobile app (available for Android and Apple users) is used by Broward County residents and visitors to report manatee sightings and their activities to the County's Natural Resources Division. You can also view manatee protection and boating safety zones in Broward County.

In the app, you can take a picture of the manatee or select a picture from the device's gallery. Enter the sighting information, such as the number of manatees and the manatees' activity, and either enter the location or let the device use the location services to find for you. When the sighting report is successfully submitted, the manatees of Broward County will thank you.

You can also view a map of the County's waterways with State-regulated Manatee Protection and Boating Safety zones with the app. With location services active, the map will display the mobile device's location on the waterway.  Even without location services active, the map can still display a nearby location if the user provides a valid address. A legend can be accessed to provide an overall list of the Manatee Protection and Boating Safety Zones.

If you spot a manatee in Broward County, email the information to manatee@broward.org or use the "I Spy A Manatee" mobile app available for Android (versions 9.0 or newer) and iPhone. Download the app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. ​​​

​How can you help the gentle giants?

Here are some tips​, whether you are a boater or wildlife viewer on land:

  • If you see a stranded or entrapped manatee, or one that looks a bit too skinny, call the FWC hotline right away at 888-404-3922. Stay with the manatee and provide as many details as possible (and photos) to the biologist.

  • Download the 'I Spy A Manatee' mobile app on your phone! View waterway speed zones, share your location and photos, and help report any injured manatees to Fish and Wildlife C​onservation Commission.

  • Share stories with your children about manatees by checking out books at your local library or visit Save The Manatee Club's virtual manatee cam.

  • Don't water (or feed) the manatees! While they will  gladly take a drink from a hose, it encourages them to approach docks and boats. Plus, it's illegal!

  • If you like to jet-ski, water-ski or participate in high-speed watersports, choose areas that manatees do not or cannot frequent, such as land-locked lakes or waters well offshore.

  • Wear polarized sunglasses to help cut down on glare and see below the water's surface.

  • Fertilize less, or not at all. Help reduce pollution and harmful algal blooms from forming by utilizing Florida-Friendly NatureScapes.

  • Help keep trash out of the waterway by picking up litter on your walks or at clean up events. Manatees are curious creatures and can ingest floating pieces of plastic, foam and fishing line. You can track your finds by downloading the 'Clean Swell​' mobile app and contribute to the International Coastal Cleanup's annual data.​

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