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For Families

​To ensure your loved one is released to the proper funeral home, this Office requires a release authorization signed by the "legally authorized person" to make funeral arrangements (aka, "next-of-kin" or "closest living relative") as defined by Florida State Statutes (Fla. Stat. § 497.005-39). Your funeral home or crematory will provide you with a copy to sign.

If your family wishes that no autopsy be performed on the body of your loved one, please contact this Office as soon as possible and advise Staff Members of the Investigations Department that the family wishes no autopsy to be performed. There are a number of factors that determine scheduling and when an autopsy may commence, but it is best to make your wishes known as soon as possible. Final decisions regarding performance of autopsies on a decedent's remains will be made by the Medical Examiner (Forensic Pathologist) assigned to the case. For homicides and some other types of cases, an autopsy is mandated by Florida Statute.

If you wish to​ obtain a copy of the Autopsy Report​​​​​ and other associated reports, please complete and return the Medical Examiner Request form below. Please allow up to 12 weeks for the completed reports to be sent to you via mail. Most requests are fulfilled well before 12 weeks but circumstances may dictate that the investigative process be longer. No reports/requests will be fulfilled on cases with a "Pending" status or when the Manner of Death has been ruled Homicide. There is no charge for this service for the first copy. A keyboard enterable (PDF)version of the Medical Examiner Request is provided below.