Indigent Cremation and Disposition

​​The purpose of the Indigent Cremation and Disposition Program (ICP) is to provide final disposition in accordance with the law for deceased persons who have no family, or whose family cannot afford private funeral arrangements. In order to qualify for this program, the death must have occurred within Broward County (but the decedent does not need to have been a county resident). The following fees shall be applicable to families of the indigent deceased electing to take possession of the cremains:

Fee Descript​ion​​ Cost
Cremation (indigent family)​ $100.00
Cremation (non-indigent family) $350.00
Storage fee (non-indigent family or the County Contracted Rate) $200.00
County Administrative fee (all cases) $50.00

Items to note:

  • The term "indigent" shall mean a person whose family income does not exceed One Hundred percent (100%) of the current federal poverty guidelines prescribed for the family's household size by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.
  • The term "family" shall mean a "legally authorized person," as defined in and in the order of priority listed in Section 497.005(39), Florida Statutes.
  • Proof of payment of fees must be provided prior to collection of cremains.
  • No additional funeral services (viewing, embalming, memorial services, etc.) will be offered by the Indigent Cremation Program.
  • Shipping of cremains will be at the family’s expense and handled through the ICP contracted funeral provider.
  • Once the decedent has been transferred to the funeral home, the county indigent program cannot intervene.

Due to the fact that the ICP can meet only basic needs, the next-of-kin are always encouraged to seek a more immediate alternative means of final disposition. (ICP cases can take up to eight to twelve weeks to complete.) 

Families are also encouraged to contact the Florida Anatomical Board regarding body donation.

Indigent Cremation Program Worksheet (PDF keyboard enterable)

Indigent Cremation Checklist (PDF keyboard enterable)

Authorization for Cremation and Disposition (PDF keyboard enterable)

Application Instructions

  1. Complete the Indigent Cremation Program Worksheet
  2. Complete the Indigent Cremation Program Checklist
  3. Compete the Authorization for Cremation & Disposition
  4. Income verification (if claiming indigent status) - income is verified for the past three (3) months. Verification of gross income includes, but is not limited to:
    • Check stubs, W-2, or current income tax statement
    • A print-out sheet from Work And Gain Economic Sufficiency (WAGES) or 3 months of WAGES check stubs
    • A statement and/or wage form completed by past employers.
    • A print-out sheet from unemployment compensation
    • Verification of benefits from the Social Security Office.
    • Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI)
    • Social Security Act (SSA)
    • Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
    • Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)
    • Food Stamps
    • Documentation of child support
    • Documentation of alimony
    • Documentation of veteran benefits
    • Documentation of pension benefits
  5. Additional documentation needed with application:
    • Government issued photo identification for the decedent
    • Social Security Card for the decedent
    • Government issued photo identification for the family member
  6. Fax or email all documents to:954-327-6581 or
    (Incomplete paperwork will delay the acceptance/processing of application.)

Indigent Cremation Coordinator will contact applicants by phone, and provide payment information.
Please allow 5 business days to confirm receipt of application materials.

Payment Types (No Cash or Personal Checks) Made Out To "Broward Board of County Commissioners":

  1. Money Orders
  2. Cashier or Bank Check


  • The Broward County Medical Examiner will NO LONGER pay storage fees for ANY hospice or hospital cases.
  • Inquiries from families regarding case status may require 5 business days.
  • Requests from media for information on Indigent Cremation Program-related matters will be directed to the Chief Medical Examiner of Broward County.
  • Requests from individuals seeking historical information on a family member should be in written form, and faxed to the Broward County Medical Examiner records department at: 954-327-6581. 
  • If after application submission, NOK makes private funeral arrangements, please notify the ICP coordinator by email at or leave a voicemail message with name of decedent, date of death, and name of funeral home, (954-357-5243).
  • Cremains that have not been claimed by next-of-kin will be scattered in the Atlantic Ocean, after 120 days.
  • Scattering coordinates will be provided, requests will be submitted in writing, to the Broward County Medical Examiner records custodian, FAX: 954-327-6581.

Indigent Cremation Coordinator Contact Information

Phone: 954-357-5243, FAX: 954-327-6581 or​​​