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Coastal Cleanup


Broward County participates in the annual International Coastal Cleanup, sponsored by the Ocean Conservancy. ​The Cleanup takes place in over 104 countries around the world and typically on the 3rd Saturday of September.
Broward County along with the Ocean Conservancy and many other participants, both in the USA and around the world, have come together to redesign a new and safer way to conduct the 35th Annual International Coastal Cleanup due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

This year there is no specific date for the Coastal Cleanup. Data will be collected from September 1st to December 31st counting towards the final international tally. Additionally, there will be no specific locations along the coast. Volunteers will be able to cleanup any area they feel is safe such as the beach, lake, canal or other waterway, park, or even their own backyard and neighborhood. The main goal is to disperse volunteers, rather than congregating, while still enabling them to participate in the cleanup.

New concept consists of eliminating large gatherings in a specific location to clean up trash
Volunteers must adhere to the CDC Guidelines as well as Broward County’s Emergency Orders 
Most effective way to conduct the cleanup is by downloading and using the Clean Swell App
Bring a bucket/Save a bag!  
We encourage participants to use buckets or recyclable containers, that will keep one more plastic bag out of a trash disposal site. If supplies are actually needed, email with contact information, how many participants and which materials you require (gloves, trash bags or data cards). Instructions on coordinating to pick-up the supplies will be explained in the email response. 

General Rules
  • Cleanup season starts September 1st and ends December 31st
  • Participate as many times throughout the season as you would like
  • Volunteers are encouraged to be in buddy teams or small family groups (same household) 
  • Always wear gloves, masks, and appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Visit Broward County Covid-19 website for the latest updates 
  • Visit CDC for updated Covid-19 guidelines
  • Cleanup site can be any location, not restricted to the coast or a body of water. 
  • Contact County Parks before visiting 
  • In case of emergency call 911
  • Never pick-up any trash that seems dangerous or hazardous
  • Save-A-Bag = use a bucket or a recyclable container
  • If possible, use a “grabber” tool
  • On the beach, stay away from sea turtle nests and sand dunes

Instructions for Cleanup with Clean Swell App
  • Download and use Clean Swell App (Android or iPhone) 
  • Follow link for tutorial on how to use App 
  • “Broward” auto-populates under Group + add (type next to) current location
  • The App can run in airplane mode (no data use)
  • Location services must be turned “On” for App to work
  • The App will calculate the final weight based on the type of items entered
  • The App uploads the results to database when connected to Wi-Fi
  • Final App screen of completed cleanup is "Thank You" page
  • App generates final summary; email summary and pictures to for service hours credit and event T-shirt

Instructions for Cleanup with data cards
  • Materials can be distributed through our office to those volunteers in need
  • Register by email to make an appointment, and pick up utilizing a curb-side drive-thru method
  • Include your name, contact number, number participants, materials needed/quantity: gloves, bags, data cards
  • Email pictures of completed data cards for the tally to be submitted to the database
  • Email pictures of actually conducting the cleanup for service hours credit and event T-shirts
  • Email 

Community Service Hours
  • Proof of participation is required 
  • Email to the final report from the App or scan/picture data cards 
  • Include pictures of volunteers participating and the trash collected
  • Attach school form or Broward County General Community Service Form.pdf
  • Community Service Forms must be completed by the student first
  • Difficult to confirm volunteer time - each email submittal will qualify for one hour of community service
  • For consideration of more than one hour, be creative to demonstrate the time spent in the cleanup
  • Participate as many times as you like until the end of December

General Information
Email​                                          Include your name, contact information, and organization 
Community Service Form: Community Service Form.pdf
Download Flyer: OC_ICC_StepsforSafety.pdf

Steps for Safety

Coastal Cleanup Results for Broward County

​Cleanup Date ​Number of Volunteers ​lbs. of Garbage Collected
​​2009 ​2476
​2010 ​1694 ​4697
​2011 ​2344 ​4454
​2012 ​2458 ​7171
​2013 ​2995
​2014 ​3655 ​7105
​​2015 ​2965 ​​7043
​2875 ​​7193