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Beach and Marine

The Natural Resources​ Division, through the Beach and Marine Section, is dedicated to protecting Broward's beaches and coastal areas, which provide habitats for a variety of species including threatened or endangered corals, manatees, and sea turtles.

To help sustain local beaches, coral reefs, and marine flora and fauna, the Beach and Marine Section has developed and implemented programs related to beach nourishment, natural and artificial reefs, manatee protection, mooring buoys, and sea turtle conservation.

Dune Restoration

Broward County’s Coastal Dune Restoration Grant Program assists coastal property owners to create, restore, or enhance sand dunes along their residences. Vegetated dunes trap sand and act as a natural barrier against storms and waves protecting property and the environment by lowering the impacts of erosion and flooding. Beaches with vegetated dunes are resilient and perform better during storms than beaches without dunes.

Beach Nourishment Program

Broward County has 24 miles of beautiful beaches that are actively monitored and maintained through periodic beach renourishment.  To date, over ten million cubic yards of sand have been placed on Broward's beaches to combat erosion.

Broward County shoreline

Natural and Artificial Reefs

The natural and artificial reefs of Broward County make the marine environment a mecca for scuba divers. The natural reefs off Broward County consist of three parallel reef tracts that extend the length of the County. Additionally, the Artificial Reef Program has deployed dozens of artificial reefs from limestone boulders to large ships.
staghorn coral


During the winter months, Broward County's manatee population can reach over 900 of the slow-moving gentle giants. Manatees move south during the cold season to seek refuge in the warm water effluents of the Lauderdale and Port Everglades Power Plants.

Mooring Buoy Program

Broward County's reef tracts have 122 mooring buoys installed in ten locations to allow boaters to enjoy the marine environment without damaging the reefs by anchoring. The reef is critical habitat for the threatened staghorn and elkhorn corals and mooring buoys are an essential part of the conservation measures.
boat tied to a mooring buoy

Sea Turtles

Well over 1,500 threatened and endangered sea turtles nests are deposited on Broward County's beaches during the nesting/hatching season (March 1 - Oct. 31). Each sea turtle can nest 3-5 times per season with each nest containing over 100 eggs.
hawksbill sea turtle

Coastal Cleanup

Each year the Beach and Marine Section, in conjunction with the Ocean Conservancy, coordinates the International Coastal Cleanup at 12 sites along the County's shoreline.
Deerfield Beach Site Captains