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Lab Services


Laboratory Services Section - The mission of this section is to perform chemical and physical analysis of inorganic and organic compounds using instrumental and classical analytical methods; to perform macro- and microbiological evaluations of environmental samples; to conduct field testing and sample collection services; to perform assorted sample manipulation procedures designed to prepare the various sample matrices for analyses by instrumental methods; to monitor and assess ambient and indoor air quality in Broward County; to perform bulk asbestos and air toxics analyses.

The Section is composed of three units listed below.NHglassware.jpgpHbeakers.jpg

Chromatography and Microbiology
This unit's responsibilities include; organic chemical analyses primarily employing gas and liquid chromatographic techniques; macro- and micro-biological analyses.

The Sample Collection and Preparation

The responsibilities of this unit include conducting field testing and sample collection services and performing assorted sample manipulation procedures.

The Spectroscopy and Classical Analyses
This unit is responsible for instrumental inorganic chemical and physical analyses using absorption and emission spectroscopy as well as classical analytical methods.