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Parks for People Grant Program

The Land Stewardship Program, was a five-year capital improvement program which supplemented the development of Bond acquired Green Space and Open Space sites for utilization of "green" standards. Green standards are features such as recycled materials for playgrounds, boardwalks and shelters, low flow water fixtures and irrigation methods, pervious parking and pathways, and solar applications for lighting, and/or hot water systems. At this time all projects have been completed.

Parks for People Grant - Project Updates

The fifth and final application cycle for the Parks for People grant program closed Friday October 26, 2012. During the past eight years this grant program has reimbursed over 70 completed projects, totaling more than 4 million dollars to the eligible municipalities in Broward County. Many new neighborhood park sites have been opened and existing park and open space sites improved with green amenities and native landscaping. Below is an example of improvements done at a municipal park site through the Parks for People grant program. 

  Mills Pond trail entrance  Mills Pond trail section Mills Pond trail aerial

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