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Urban Forest Management Plan

Definition of Urban Forest

The Urban Forest is the collective sum of all trees and vegetation in and around an urban area - including a mosaic of the remnant native forest and the planted and naturally volunteering landscape plants– which serves as a vital, functioning part of the County's infrastructure and ecosystem, and is a reflection of the health, well-being and livability of the community.

Vision for the Urban Forest Management Plan

To achieve a healthy, sustainable, and diverse urban forest, by applying best practices in tree planting, preservation, and maintenance through coordinated management by county and city agencies, businesses, civic organizations and residents by forming partnerships designed to foster a sense of stewardship and ensure the economic, environmental, and social benefits for future generations.

Municipal Cooperation and Collaboration

Implementing the vision for a healthy and sustainable urban forest could not be achieved without the collaboration of the municipal partners who actively pursue the components of the plan through their daily efforts. Please visit the webpage for the specific municipality of interest to see their special design for plan implementation.​​