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Broward Solar Co-op

We have great news! We’ve teamed up with Solar United Neighbors to bring you the Broward Solar Co-op 2023 on September 6, 2023. By joining, you’ll learn how solar works and what it takes to go solar. Then, you’ll have the opportunity to go solar at the group rate, alongside your neighbors! The co-op is free to join!​

Consumer Alert!

Beware of contractors falsely using Broward County logo or other branding to promote the PACE program. PACE is not operated or managed by Broward County Government. ​

​Broward Coun​​ty​​ Restricts Polystyrene, Single-use Plastic Straws and Stirrers on County Property 

Restricting the use of polystyrene and single-use plastic products ​​on County property will reduce litter in the environment and is in the best interest of the health and well-being of County employees, residents, visitors, and natural systems.

​​​​It's Manatee Season!

​​Each winter, manatees migrate to south Florida to seek warmer waters. Broward County helps protect these gentle giants though its Manatee Protection Plan. Manatee season runs annually from November 15-March 31.

​​​​Broward Earns an "A"

Broward County was one of 119 global cities and counties to be named as a climate action leader on CDP's 2023 A List!

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