Plan It Green

​​​​Plan-it Green is a local and voluntary carbon offset program to offset emissions generated by local events and visitors. It provides the ability for those desiring to offset their carbon footprint to do so through a local carbon sequestration program. Contributions to the program fund local tree planting projects for the purpose of capturing and storing carbon from the atmosphere, thereby by reducing the local contribution to global warming. Trees are also good at preventing soil erosion, mitigating the heat island effect, and providing shade and habitat for native species.​

Why should you certify your next event?

  • Offset carbon emissions generated by your event by planting trees in our community​
  • Ability to market your event as "carbon neutral"
  • Permission to use the program logo and tagline on event materials
  • Recognition on Plan It Green webpage
  • An electronic certificate

​​How the Program Works

​Whether visiting Broward County for business or pleasure, the choices each traveler makes has a big impact on our community. Together, we can help to preserve the natural resources our County has to offer for future generations and mitigate the impacts of climate change locally while promoting Broward County as a green events destination.​​​​​​​​

First, calculate your event's carbon footprint by using the Plan-it Green Carbon Footprint Calculator​. Next, make a donation to offset your event's emissions. Thanks for helping Plan-it Green, now make sure to promote your event as carbon-neutral! 
​     plan it green steps to donate graphic