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Environmental Character Education Newsletter
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NatureScape School Partnership

​​We partner with BCPS Applied Learning: STEM+CS to provide youth learning, teacher tools and training focused on environmental stewardship, sustainability, climate change education and youth engagement programs.​​​​​

Training & Education

NatureScape Broward staff provides training to BCPS faculty and staff throughout the year. Teacher training supports STEM +CS Environmental Stewardship programs and initiatives offered to all schools and students.  Additionally, staff coordinates with BCPS faculty to develop virtual learning offerings available through the STEM+CS program and their quarterly challenges.

Professional Development: One-day NatureScape training, five-day Habitat Steward training and Climate Change workshops

Custodial Training: One-day training on water conservation, landscaping Best Management Practices (BPMs), irrigation system repair, indoor plumbing retrofits.

Water Conservation

NatureScape staff water audits identify irrigation systems needing repairs or operational changes for total water cost savings of $1.25 miilon dollars. We have installated soil sensors and smart controllers for more water saving. Staff also works with BCPS staff to reduce indoor water consumption. 

School Support

NatureScape staff supports schoolyard wildlife habitats with in-school field trips, installation and maintenance of pollinator gardens, native trees and shrubs.