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Water Matters Week 2: NatureScape

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Take a Virtual Walk through the 2021 Winning Landscapes

The NatureScape Emerald Award recognizes businesses, municipalities, schools, government facilities and homeowners that have created and maintained model Florida-friendly landscapes or completed exceptional projects that demonstrate visible ecological practices.


Virtual Walk Legacy Category:  ME Depalma
Virtual Walk Homeowner Category:  Green, Parrish, Fayyaz, Berman​
​Virtual Walk Special Achievement and Landscape Architect Categories:  Fort Lauderdale Garden Club, Cadence Landscape Architects

​Landscapes in South Florida​

Water Matters Day Booth

Attractive yards that require less water don’t have to look like a desert; they can be beautiful throughout our seasons if we use the water-wise, Florida-Friendly approach to landscaping. Here are some ways you can save water, help wildlife and enjoy a beautiful garden at your home, school, business or place of worship.

National Wildlife Federation Garden for Wildlife

University of Florida/IFAS Florida-Friendly Landscaping​™​ Program

Don't have a yard? No problem! Learn how to make a container garden for wildlife
Balconies and Patios

Water Matters Day Event

Traditional landscapes allow water to run off the property, wasting water. In Florida, up to 50% of residential and commercial irrigation water is lost due to evaporation, wind, poor design, or often, over-watering.
What days and hours can I use my irrigation system?

Learning about Rain Barrels

If we want landscapes that are truly resilient to changes in climate and water resources, we need to manage our properties carefully. You can transform your landscape into a low-maintenance, water-wise property by:

  • thoughtful design of the garden
  • building soil
  • keeping rain on our properties
  • selecting native climate-appropriate plants
  • efficient irrigation systems

Create a NatureScape​

For Kids:​

build a storm in a glass

water games​