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Water Matters Week 4: Climate Change

​​​​​​​​​​Have you noticed flooding in waterfront neighborhoods or hotter than normal summers? As the earth warms in response to increased greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere, sea level rises, storms are more severe, and plants and humans are subject to more heat and humidity. Climate change has been a key focal area for Broward County since 2008. In 2008, Broward County passed a resolution which established a community-wide greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction target of 80 percent below 2007 emissions by 2050.

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Broward County has developed and set regional resilience standards to support sustainable infrastructure investments based on future conditions. Each policy is based on scientific analysis, modeling, and community consensus, and provides the tools and criteria necessary for implementation. ​In 2009, our Climate Change Task Force engaged hundreds of local experts and citizens to draft our first Climate Change Action Plan (CCAP). The CCAP consists of nearly 100 strategic actions for addressing the economic, environmental, and social impacts of climate change. Originally published in 2010, the plan is updated every five years to keep pace with accomplishments and local opportunities. There will be a new CCAP update​ for 2021 published this year intended to be implemented by local government, community partners and residents alike.


You can make a difference in helping to mitigate the causes and address the local implications of global climate change. If every Broward resident reduces their emissions, you will contribute to slowing the rate of sea level rise and avoiding sea levels above the projected 3.3 foot rise above the 2000 sea levels by 2070. Your commitment is needed to minimize the human activities threatening quality of life and the future of the planet. By addressing Climate Change in your personal life, a sustainable world can be created for future generations. To learn more about the Counties efforts combating Climate Change and the plans for a Resilient Broward, you can visit the Broward Climate Change website​. Be a part of the solution, take action to create a better Broward and a better world.