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Create a Naturescape

Broward County residents and all types of properties - from homes to businesses to public facilities to schools can create a NatureScape by using Florida-Friendly landscaping Best Management Practices (BMPs) to create habitat for native and migratory wildlife, conserve water and minimize the use of common pollutants such as fertilizers and pesticides.

Native landscape plants are best.

  • Require less watering once established
  • Naturally pest resistant
  • Provide food sources for resident and migrating wildlife
  • Don't need toxic pesticides or fertilizers that pollute our water

Natives For Your Neighborhood

This resource provides you with accurate and up-to-date information on native plants and native animals species that use these plants.   Search by zip code to find plants unique to your area.

Create and Certify your Wildlife Habitat

A wildlife habitat​ garden helps songbirds, butterflies, hummingbirds and other small wildlife by providing the essentials:

Food: Native plants provide nectar, seeds, fruits, berries, foliage, pollen and insects eaten by a variety of wildlife.
Water: All animals need water to survive and some need it for bathing and breeding as well.
Cover: Wildlife need places to shelter from bad weather and places to hide from predators or stalk prey.
Places to Raise Young:  Wildlife need resources to reproduce; some species have different habitat needs in their juvenile phase that they do as adults.
Sustainable Practices: How you manage your garden can benefit the wildlife and your family.  Sustainable gardening practices include Soil and Water Conservation, Controlling E​xotic Species​ and Organic Practices.

After you create your wildlife habitat, certify your garden and become a member of National Wildlife Federation's Garden for Wildlife community.