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Systems furniture is complete on all levels.
Private office furniture has been procured.
Testing of equipment at the mechanical penthouse is being conducted.
​Roof is undergoing final inspections.
Landscaping and irrigation is being installed.
High Density Filing Systems vendor has been procured.
Moving vendor has been procured.
​Modifications to the existing prisoners’ bridge has started.
Systems demonstrations and training have started.
​Glass panels have been installed on the new East Wing elevator core.
​Moving vendor is finalizing phasing of the move.
​Furniture vendors are finalizing orders and shipments.
​Systems demonstrations and training are ongoing.
​Contractor begins to pursue a temporary Certificate of Occupancy from the
City of Ft. Lauderdale (obtained June 30, 2016).
​Contractor receives Certificate of Occupancy from the City of Ft. Lauderdale
(obtained September 13, 2016).
​Contractor begins to pursue Substantial Completion Certificate from Broward County.
​Private office furniture is being installed.
​Final audio visual modifications are being made.
​Final door keying has started.
Final move arrangements are being made.