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Master Plan

New Master Plan Starts

​The Broward County Aviation Department (BCAD) started to update the Master Plan for North Perry Airport (HWO). This will ensure HWO can meet the future general aviation needs of the County. Keeping an up-to-date master plan is a federal requirement. More importantly it provides a cohesive and cost-effective plan for building new facilities, roads, and utilities at the Airport.


When completed, the master plan update will:
  • ​Identify HWO’s capital improvements to meet the operational needs through 2035.
  • Satisfy the needs of the market and the community.
  • Balance environmental, social, and economic impacts. 
  • Create documents required by the Federal Aviation Administration for federal funding through the Airport Improvement Program.  


North Perry is a designated general aviation reliever airport. It serves an important role in reducing congestion at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood and Miami International Airports. 

There are nearly 400 based aircraft at HWO. The airfield has four runways for light general aviation planes weighing less than 12,500 lbs. 

Preparing ​​for the Future

BCAD expects North Perry Airport will remain the premier recreational general aviation facility serving the south Broward and northern Miami-Dade County aviation needs.  The demand for recreational flying, air taxis, banner towing and flight training continues to evolve. The facilities needed to serve these unique activities will also change in the future. The new Master Plan will help to identify these future changes.