North Perry Airport

​​Get to know North​ Perry

Located in Pembroke Pines Florida, North Perry Airport is unique to South Florida general aviation in that it has two sets of parallel runways. The Airport is home to numerous:

  • Flight schools.
  • Banner towing operators.
  • Aircraft and helicopter sales and repair stations.

North Perry also has several non-aviation related facilities such as Broward Community College, Broward County Mosquito Control, several community recreation facilities, and a City of Pembroke Pines Fire Station.

Where North Perr​y Came From

Bombers Over Broward North Perry During World War II

The creation of North Perry Airport reverts back to the days of World War II when in 1940. The Navy rented 400 acres of land from Henry Perry and turned it into an emergency landing grass strip.

By 1943 the Navy purchased 640 square acres of land from Mr. Perry. They opened it as a training station for pilots from Miami’s naval base to learn how to land on Navy aircraft carriers. North Perry was the training station for many pilots including the future President of the United States, George Bush.

Post World War II, the airfield was acquired by Broward County in 1950.


North Perry in 1950 
North Perry in 1950

North Perry in 1950
North Perry in 2013