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The Standard

The Standard Group Additional Life and Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) insurance can help protect your family’s finances if something happens to you.

Life Insurance

​​Life Insurance Carrier - The Standard

All benefit-eligible employees are provided with $25,000 in term life insurance by the County. During Open Enrollment employees may increase current Optional Term Life coverage by one $25,000 increment to a maximum of $300,000 without proof of good health (if not previously declined).
Broward County offers Group Term Life and AD&D Insurances through The Standard. 

Optional Term Life Insurance
Benefit-eligible employees may elect to purchase up to an additional $300,000 of Group Term Life and AD&D insurance. Optional Life insurance is available in $25,000 increments. Rates are based on the employee's age and coverage level elected. Premiums automatically increase according to 5-year age bands.
  • Optional Term Life Insurance elected during newly benefit-eligible waiting period does not require Evidence of Insurability up to the guarantee issue amount of $150,000. Amounts over the guarantee issue require Evidence of Insurability (EOI).
  • Optional Term Life elected after the waiting period is subject to Evidence of Insurability and approval by The Standard.

Note: If enrolled in Optional Term Life, each year at Open Enrollment you may increase your amount by $25,000 (up to a max of $300,000) with no Evidence of Insurability requirements.

​Spouse/Domestic Partner and Child(ren) Life Insurance
Benefit-eligible employees, who purchase at least $25,000 of employee optional life insurance, may elect to purchase group term life insurance coverage on Spouse/Domestic Partner and/or dependent children (up to age 26). You must notify Employee Benefit Services once your dependent has reached age 26 to cancel the payroll deduction.

Retiree Term Life and AD&D Insurance Election

As a Broward County Retiree, you are provided the opportunity to continue your Group Term Life & AD&D Insurance coverage at a group rate. Retiree continuation of coverage is limited to the coverage you were enrolled in at the time of retirement or a lesser amount. Reduced coverage cannot be increased; terminated coverage cannot be reinstated. To keep your Term Life & AD&D insurance in retirement, you must make an election within 30 days after you retire. Failure to make an election will result in waived coverage which cannot be reinstated.

Contact Information

Customer Service: 800-378-4668
Policyholder: Broward County Board of County Commissioners
Fax: 971-321-5994