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The Standard

Long Term Disability is available throughout the year as medical underwriting is required. Contact The Standard customer service at 855-554-2926.

Long Term Disability

​​Through Standard Insurance Co., LTD provides disability income for covered individuals to ensure regular income if they cannot work for an extended period because of a covered illness or injury.

  • LTD pays for 60 percent (up to $6,000) of a covered individual’s monthly pre-disability earnings, based on an hourly rate of pay, after a 90-day benefit waiting period.
  • Benefits are coordinated with Workers’ Compensation, retirement benefits, Social Security, and certain other deductible income types.
  • Employees can combine accrued paid leave with their LTD benefit to bring their total disability benefits up to 100 percent of their pre-disability earnings. If paid leave and the LTD benefit combined are more than 100 percent of the employee’s pre-disability earnings, the LTD benefit will be reduced until the total benefit is equal to 100 percent.

Contact Information
LTD Claims800-368-1135

General Policy Information
Group Policy Number: 619352-G
Group Policy Effective Date: July 1, 2020
Certificate - Group Long Term Disability Insurance

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You should know the following about this insurance option:

  • Employees can apply for LTD at any time during the year, but after their initial eligibility period, coverage is subject to medical underwriting and Active at Work Requirements.
  • Premiums are based on the employee’s age and rate of pay and automatically adjust.
  • There is a 90-day benefit waiting period after you are disabled before any benefits are payable.
  • Since LTD premiums are on an after-tax basis, any benefits you receive will not be taxed as income to you.
  • If an employee is on leave that qualifies as FMLA leave, he/she may restart this coverage without medical underwriting upon their return to work.

Coverage ends on the date of separation/retirement and cannot be continued when employment ends.

​Contact Information
LTD Claims800-368-1135